Re: SIGFPE in s6-rc-init 3.0.0 etc,...

From: Steffe - <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2017 23:29:16 +0100

Den 2017-12-17 kl. 23:14, skrev Stefan Nilsson:

Den 2017-12-17 kl. 18:18, skrev Eric Le Bihan:

So basically I had 2017.11 that built OK, applied the patch above, and got
the build error.

Intriguing. I tested your defconfig and the build went like a charm
using the HEAD of upstream Buildroot. The function setgroup() is
properly detected by the configure script, which compiles and links a
test program using the cross-compiler:

Ouch, I rebuilt everything now and I can not reproduce the build error. :o/
I must have made some kind of mistake along the way when I got it. If I
apply the patch now and make a proper rebuild, it works fine. Even if I
remove the patch again, rebuild everything, apply the patch and just do
"make", it builds fine. Sorry for taking your time on this one,...

With regards to the crash, when booting up of s6-rc (with matching
versions of the others) in my qemu emulator, the crash does not seem to
happen (will verify on hardware tomorrow). Switching back to and it
crashes again.

Best Regards
Stefan Nilsson

It seems my mails are not accepted by the list after switching to a new
SMTP relay (Mailjet),... So re-sending via gmail instead,...

// Stefan
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