Re: Problems with recent versions of s6-rc

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2017 00:15:39 +0000

>Well I think pastebins really tend to be unreliable (most importantly,
>content disappearing at unexpected time), so small files (whether text
>or binary, as long as they are relevant) are best posted directly to
>mail list

  No. When it's about debug information such as strace outputs, the
information is transient - it loses importance once the bug is fixed.
So it doesn't matter that a pastebin doesn't last forever.

> and since compression saves space, tarballs and zipballs are
>suitable for files longer than a few dozens of lines. This practice is
>recommended on some FOSS bug trackers, eg. <>.

  Except that when you send a file to a mailing-list, the file is
duplicated to every recipient, in a "push" way, i.e. recipients have
no control over it. When you publish it on a site, be it a pastebin
or any other regular Web site, it's only duplicated in a "pull" way,
by clients who are actively interested in the contents of the file.
Publication should be done in a "pull" way as much as possible; a
mailing-list only works because all subscribers are generally interested
in the mailing-list contents, and I doubt all subscribers are interested
in verbose s6-rc strace outputs.

  I don't care what other people recommend. (Especially Gentoo.)
If I did what other people recommend instead of thinking for myself, wouldn't exist. Or suck just as much as everything else.

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