Re: Man pages

From: Guillaume Perréal <>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2017 15:02:56 +0200

Pandoc ( might be useful. The out-of-the-box template
is ugly, but nonetheless usable.



Le 26/03/2017 à 08:18, Colin Booth a écrit :
> On Mar 25, 2017 10:01 PM, "S. Gilles" <> wrote:
>> This is a rather silly question, but the other day I wanted to look
>> up the syntax of some command or other, but had no internet connection.
>> I had always assumed that the online documentation was generated
>> from manpages, but I don't see any in the source.
>> Am I overlooking a repository, or are the docs HTML only? (And if
>> the latter, would hypothetical patches to add manpages be accepted?)
> Docs are HTML only but are shipped with the source
> (component_name/docs/*.html) and should be present on all systems that
> build skaware stuff. This has been mentioned before in the #s6 IRC channel,
> and yes, patches to add manpages would be accepted. I've threatened to do
> the same, that or to rewrite the docs into something that trivially
> compiles into both html and man-style troff, but a lack of time (and the
> presence of a copy of lynx on all of my systems that run s6) has kept me
> from really digging in to the project.
> Cheers!
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