Re: s6-linux-init: /etc/rc.tini not executed

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2017 22:36:05 +0000

>1/ I had not noticed the output of /etc/rc.tini was redirected to
>"uncaught-logs" so I could not properly check it was executed or not.

  Ah, yes, I should document that.

>2/ I tried to unmount all filesystems during the shutdown of s6-rc,
>which fails because the root cannot be unmounted at time, causing the
>shutdown to fail.

  Unmounting filesystems is a tricky point.
  Ideally, you'd want to do that at in the "down" scripts of the oneshot
services where you mount them, for symmetry. But it's not really
because boot and shutdown are not exactly symmetric.

  When you're booting, you know exactly what processes are running on the
machine. When you're shutting down, you don't: users may have left
background processes all over the place, legitimately; those processes
not die when you bring services down. If they have open files on a
filesystem when your shutdown procedure gets to the unmount point, the
unmounting will fail.

  That is why I recommend unmounting the filesystem not in the "down"
of the "mount" service, but all at the same time, in /etc/rc.shutdown,
*after* killing all processes with kill -9 -1. It's the only time when
you know precisely again what processes are running on the machine; and
you know there's nothing left to prevent you from unmounting the

  ISTR you could "unmount" the rootfs and the kernel would simply remount
in read-only mode (which is exactly what you want to do before rebooting
even if you booted with a read-only rootfs, it may have changed during
the system's lifetime). Has this changed?

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