Re: udevd log

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Fri, 20 May 2016 17:35:27 +0200

On 20/05/2016 16:12, Eric Vidal wrote:
> have one but started after udevd, but nothing appears on it too when
> i put an usb stick

  Your syslog() implementation apparently doesn't try sending to the
syslogd socket when it has failed once - that's why you need to run syslogd
*before* udevd, else syslog() will default to the console forever.

> but if udev write on console (or other soft), can i recover what
> happens in console to write it on file?

  Nope, you can't. Once something is on /dev/console, it's for the console
viewer's eyes only.

  It's a design mistake of udevd (of all daemons, really, but *especially*
of udevd which has to be launched very early) to rely on syslog. If you
want the easy way out, use --debug; if you want the correct way out, send
a bug-report to the udev team, and have fun arguing with Kay Sievers.

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