Re: -o remount,ro /

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Fri, 13 May 2016 15:58:38 +0200

On 13/05/2016 13:36, Eric Vidal wrote:
> This is the case, the live directory is on run with tmpfs type and
> this option : mode=0755,nosuid,nodev

  In the stage 1 script you listed, I can't find a mount instruction for /run. If you are running that stage 1 script verbatim, you are making /run/s6
on your root filesystem, not on a tmpfs. If you are not running that script
verbatim, please provide the *exact* script you are using, else I can't
help you.

>> Note that booting with / rw, then remounting it ro for a fsck,
>> then remounting it rw again, is useless and wasteful. You should
>> boot with / ro directly, and only remount it rw when you really
>> need it rw.
> Yeah, you are absolutly right, but if a good exercice for me to
> understand how doing stuff :).

  If you boot with / ro, the first command that tries to write to it
will fail. So you will know where the problem is.

> I have a another weird behaviour with s6rc-fdholder. It never bring
> up at boot, i need to start it manualy. This is the expected
> behaviour?

  This is expected, and you don't have to start it manually either. If
it's not brought up, it's simply that you don't need it. If s6-rc runs a
service that depends on it, it will bring it up automatically.
(For now, s6rc-fdholder is only needed when you have longrun pipelines.
If you don't have pipelines, nothing depends on it and it can remain down.)

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