Re: What happens if the catch-all logger restarts?

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2015 18:10:48 +0100

On 2015-12-26 17:11, Guillermo wrote:
> I guess that for a short window of time, processes that send their
> logs to the catch-all logger could potentially receive a SIGPIPE,
> right?

  Yes, if they fail to ignore SIGPIPE, but most long-lived processes
rightfully ignore it. Most likely, a write() would fail with -1 EPIPE.

> But would the
> failing write operations to the logger's FIFO make this a (transient)
> situation where logs could be lost?

  Yes, it would indeed.
  The solution is to open the named pipe for reading and store the fd
into a fd-holder. But it's something for an admin or a distrib to do,
it's outside the scope of s6, s6-linux-init or even s6-rc (though I
could update the s6-rc example database so it includes that).

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