Confusing error when s6-svstat version newer than s6-supervise

From: Patrick Mahoney <>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 16:08:46 -0500


I have some supervised processes where s6-svstat reports:

  s6-svstat: fatal: unable to read status for /service/some-service: Broken pipe

I think what happend is that the s6-supervise instance in question is an older
version than s6-svstat. Specifically, one has the old code and one the new code
relative to the following commit, key difference being the change to

Indeed, strace shows that s6-svstat attempts to read 26 bytes, but only reads 18.

The commit log is clear: - version bumped to because API breakage (./finish, s6-svstat)

I suppose that means when upgrading major version numbers, I should restart the
entire supervision tree.

But the 'Broken pipe' error message in this case seems misleading.

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