Re: execline PATH

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2015 12:29:42 +0200

On 16/09/2015 11:25, Matti Kaasinen wrote:
> I managed cross compiling s6 suite ( for am335x based board with
> Yocto/bitbase. In practice it seems working. However, there seems to be
> PATH issue. For instance s6-svscanboot found from examples folder does
> not work, or in fact any execline script without inserting full path to
> every command.

  Yes. It's not an issue, it's by design: execline commands are binaries,
they are to be found via a PATH search.

> I used --with-default-path option while configuring skalibs.

  The path specified via --with-default-path is only used when the
PATH variable is *not* defined in the environment.

> I used --shebangdir option while configuring execline.

  That location is only used by programs such as s6-linux-init that
generate execline scripts, to tell them what to put in the #! line,
because most systems do not perform a PATH search for the interpreter
defined in a #! line - only absolute paths are standard.

> I also use shebang in the script begin, but still it seems that execline
> directory is required to be in the PATH before starting execline script
> - or using full paths in the script commands.

  Yes. The shebang line will execute the execlineb launcher, but inside
the script, other binaries must still be accessible.

> I could import PATH and append execline path, but I did not find any
> path related commands in execline to do this - so, there seems no way
> doing this afterwards? What would be the best practice handling this
> PATH issue.

  Just make sure to install or link the execline binaries in a place that
will be in your PATH, such as /bin (or /command if you are using
slashpackage). If you don't want to do that, add the execline bindir to
the global users' environment, prior to running any execline scripts.

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