Re: Bug in ucspilogd v2.2.0.0

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sun, 9 Aug 2015 21:17:00 +0200

On 09/08/2015 20:13, Colin Booth wrote:
> Ok, I was wrong. I set up a little netcat /dev/log reader and there's
> no separator at all between messages. At least not one that made it to
> netcat. It also looks like the new logger stops reading after the
> first \0, and strips all newlines.

  ... wat.

> I'll have to take a look
> at how rsyslog decides what the message end is since my test service
> logged correctly when rsyslog was pulling on /dev/log.

  Wild guess: they changed logger/rsyslog to send/receive datagrams
by default. By Linux magic, it still works with ucspilogd, that reads
a stream, but doesn't know boundaries.

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