Re: Preliminary version of s6-rc available

From: Colin Booth <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2015 15:49:13 -0700

On Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 3:16 PM, Laurent Bercot <> wrote:
[... bunch of stuff about finish ...]
Fully in agreement. I'm not convinced that (not) killing finish as the
default is the right thing either. I'm sure there's some weird
database out there that shuts down dirty and then needs a follow-on
task to clean up the dataset, but that's definitely not going to be
the general case.
> I think the only satisfactory answer would be to leave it to the user :
> keep killing ./finish scripts on a short timer by default, but have
> a configuration option to change the timer or remove it entirely. And
> with such an option, a "burial notification" when ./finish ends becomes
> a possibility.
Like I said above, it'll be some rare and bizarre daemon, probably
custom and in-house, that does house cleaning post shutdown to get the
state right. And that rare case isn't enough to change the defaults.
And people running something like that will know and will be able to
set the right flags if they are provided. The rest of us should be ok
with the current behavior :)
> I understand. I guess I can make s6-rc-init and s6-rc 0755 while
> keeping them in /sbin, where Joe User isn't supposed to find them.
Actually s6-rc is 0755 already. s6-rc-init and s6-rc-update are the
ones building 0700. Keeping those in /sbin is fine, since anyone who
is making private supervision trees is probably doing the manipulation
in a management script and can write six extra characters. In fact,
/sbin is the right place for those scripts since they are needed for
system initialization as well.
> Oh, absolutely. It's just that a full setuidgid subtree isn't very
> common - but for your use case, a full user service database makes
> perfect sense.
Yup, my use case is very, very rare. Though it's a use case that I'd
really like to have be less rare because abusing start-stop-daemon,
backgrounded nohup, and other daemonization tricks to keep stuff
running after you've logged off is... kinda wrong in my book.


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