Re: Preliminary version of s6-rc available

From: Colin Booth <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2015 14:53:10 -0700

On Sat, Jul 11, 2015 at 10:59 PM, Laurent Bercot
<> wrote:
> So I decided to publish what's already there, so you can test it and
> give feedback while I'm working on the rest. You can compile service
> definition directories, look into the compiled database, and run the
> service manager. It works on my machines, all that's missing is the
> live update capability.
The requirement for the s6-rc-init live directory to not exist is
awkward if trying to go with the defaults on a distro system since
/run is mounted noexec. It's pretty easy to work around but then the
defaults are broken on distro systems.

It'd be nice if s6-rc-db contents printed a newline after the last
service for single-item bundles:
root_at_radon:/run/s6# s6-rc-db -l /run/s6/s6-rc/ contents 1
getty-5root_at_radon:/run/s6# s6-rc-db -l /run/s6/s6-rc/ contents 2
getty-6root_at_radon:/run/s6# s6-rc-db -l /run/s6/s6-rc/ contents 3
> Bug-reports more than welcome: they are in demand!
s6-rc -da list doesn't seem to work right. At least, it doesn't work
like I'd expect, which is to show all services that are down. Given
two longruns getty-5 and getty-6, with getty-5 up and getty-6 down,
I'd expect s6-rc -da list to show getty-6 (and s6-rc -ua list to only
show getty-5). Currently -da list and -ua list show the same thing:
root_at_radon:/run/s6# s6-rc -l /run/s6/s6-rc -da list
root_at_radon:/run/s6# s6-rc -l /run/s6/s6-rc -ua list

s6-svstat shows the correct status of the world:
root_at_radon:/run/s6# s6-svstat service/getty-5/
up (pid 8944) 301 seconds
root_at_radon:/run/s6# s6-svstat service/getty-6/
down (signal SIGTERM) 206 seconds

`s6-rc -ua change' also doesn't seem to do what I'd expect. `s6-rc -da
change' brings down all running services, `s6-rc -pda change' brings
down all running services and then starts all stopped services.
Following that logic I'd expect `s6-rc -ua change' to start all
stopped services, however it instead appears to do nothing. My guess
is that it's related to the issues with -a above and that -a is only
ever returning the things in the "up" group.

Not exactle a bug but the docs are wrong: the index page points to
s6-rc-upgrade when it should point to s6-rc-update.

> --
> Laurent

Lastly, I know you're working on it but s6-rc-update will be much
appreciated. Having to tear down the entire supervision tree, delete
the compiled and live directories, and then re-initialize everything
with s6-rc-init is awkward to say the least. Especially with the above
issues involving s6-rc-init and not being able to overwrite the
contents of directories if they exist.

That's everything I've found in an hour or two of messing around. I
haven't done anything with oneshots or larger dependency trees yet, so
far it's just been a few getty processes and some wrapper bundles.


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