Re: Packaging skaware for Guix

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2015 12:13:50 +0200

  Hi Claes !

> For me execline fails to build from source because -lskarnet is listed
> as a dependency instead of in EXTRA_LIBS. Is this on purpose?

  Yes, this is intentional. EXTRA_LIBS is only used for things like
-lrt or -lsocket which are needed for some binaries on some systems
(and I don't think any execline binary needs them).

  -lskarnet works as a dependency because GNU make will translate it
to libskarnet.a or depending on what you have and the
configure options you've given. Are you using GNU make 4.0 or later ?
What's the exact configure and make command line you are using, and
the exact error message you're getting ?

  Bear in mind that libskarnet.a is installed in /usr/lib/skalibs/
by default, and if you change anything in the execline config, it
may not find it without the proper --with-libdir option.

> I patched tools/ (recognize ${LIB,*} and -l.* as libraries,
> in addition to ${.*_LIB}) and added a phase to generate a new
> package/deps.mak before doing the compilation, and then it worked.

  You should not have to patch anything. You can always get the
behaviour you want by providing the appropriate options to configure.

> I'm surprised nobody else seems to be having this problem. In
> particular, the Nix definition is just a plain build from source and
> apparently Just Works. What am I missing?

  I don't know, but your error messages will tell. :)

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