Re: Building s6-linux-utils with musl

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Fri, 02 May 2014 19:03:19 +0100

On 02/05/2014 16:29, TheOldFellow wrote:
> I'm having trouble with this. The system is LFS, glibc based, but I have
> installed musl in /opt.

  I'll assume you have set conf-cc and conf-ld to musl-gcc with the correct
options, then.

> I found that I had to add $SP_ROOT/usr/include to to path-include.

  That sounds very strange. What was the error that made you do that ?
And are you using flag-slashpackage or not ?

> s6-hiercopy.c:(.text+0xac): undefined reference to `__xmknod'
> which I think is a known problem with musl. I tried adding,
> $SP_ROOT/usr/lib to path-library, but this give even more errors.

  The undefined reference error doesn't happen to me. It sounds like
you're using glibc include files with musl object files. Check your
musl installation, and your conf-cc and conf-ld files.

> I have built it against glibc, allstatic and -static, and everything seems
> OK, but I don't trust glibc linked static.

  flag-allstatic will work with glibc: you'll get the static skalibs with
the dynamic glibc. gcc -static in conf-ld, however, is a no-no.
  flag-allstatic + musl-gcc -static should give you a static library linked
against musl.

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