Re: musl #2 (erratum corrige)

From: Roy Lanek <>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 16:00:30 +0700

> Probably not.


It seems pretty feasible coding to me and not even so terribly
huge by surplus; quickly grepping musl for things such unlinkat,
umount2 returns matches also.

I, so to speak, *know* Busybox, and it's not what I am looking
at. Hence, I will try too implement a s6-switch_root given s6* and
musl and augment s6-linux-utils ad hoc, for my use.

By the way: mksh statically linked against musl is slightly
larger in size than with dietlibc. On the other hand (and most

[... T]oolchain: dietlibc

Fefe’s dietlibc works in mksh R34, although his opinion towards
certain standards, such as caddr_t, strcasecmp(3), etc. are
weird. [...]

Thank you and cheers.

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