The skarnet library interface

libskarnet is the library exported by skalibs; both a static library and a shared library (if they are supported on your system) are available. Every binary needs this library.



The skarnet library as a whole is big (945k for libskarnet.a and 179k for on x86_64-linux), but the utmost care has been given to separate functions so that linkers never pull in any more than they need. Linking against the static version of libskarnet actually produces very small executables, and if your libc is suited for that, since skalibs only uses very basic libc interfaces, it is very possible to produce small static binaries - in many cases, a static program written with skalibs APIs will be an order of magnitude smaller than the equivalent program written using libc's or other utility libraries' APIs.


The skalibs source code is divided into several subdirectories, each containing a logical unit of code implementing independent functions.